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Durham BioMass Supplies…

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Kindling and BioMass chip.

Some of our services are outlined below

Fresh wood contains about 45% Moisture. Before the wood can be used on the fire the percentage of water must come down to about 25% or less, which it normally has after a spring/summer’s drying. Logs split before Easter will be ready for the following winter.
Seasoned softwood logs,
Our logs are sold by volume cubic metre (m3) . We encourage our customers to stock up with logs in the summer, so they are well prepared for the following winter heating requirements.
Our kindling is made from softwood. It is easy lighting and is ideal for open fires, wood stoves, and BBQs!
BioMass Chip,
We produce European standard woodchip for biomass boilers which is suitable for large and small scale heat solutions. We use a Heizohack chipper to produce high grade woodchip.
Services to include woodland thinning, ride clearing.
All our energy wood comes from managed woodlands. Managing a woodland helps to improve the biodiversity of the woodland, improving habitat for various animals and wildlife conservation.  Woodlands have the special ability to provide Habitat, Biodiversity, shelter, Landscape, Fuel, Building Material, craft material and recreational amenities. It is important that our woodlands and forests are well managed for future conservation.


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